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The Redevelopment of Nautica Waterfront District is a sprawling 22 acre site on the West Bank of the Cuyahoga river in Cleveland, Ohio. The Great Lakes offer new and exciting places to live, work and play on one of the worlds largest freshwater sources in the United States.

Inter X Design LLC are a General Contracting, Development and Design service. We are a husband and wife owned and operated company established in 2011.

Our goal in development is to contribute to the expanding use of sustainable materials along with renewable energy sources. Focused on the revitalization of our city and neighborhoods.

Investor contributions will accelerate eco-friendly development in sustainability, while providing a viable work and living environment for the future.


We our raising $50,000,000.00 to Redevelop the waterfront along the Cuyahoga River. $4,500,000.00 will go to the purchase of opportunity zoned development properties. $13,500,000.00 in materials, $25,000,000.00 in vendors and contractors, $250,000.00 in advertisements $125,000.00 in public events and a 10% retainer of $5,000,000.00.

Develop approximately 500,000 square feet of residential and retail space at $100-$125 sq. Ft.

​$250.00 average sales price of Real-estate sales per square feet in Cleveland, Ohio.

500,000 Sq. Ft. x $250.00 total property developed value $125,000,000.00

projected profit $75,000,000.00

an investor with capital gains - such as profits from selling stock or real estate - can delay paying tax on those gains by putting the money into a fund focused on opportunity zones.

investors who maintain their opportunity-fund investments for five to seven years will be able to avoid paying taxes on a portion of those original gains. Unless Congress modifies the law, though, the bulk of the gains still will become taxable at the end of 2026.

investors who stick around for at least a decade won't have to pay taxes on any new gains from their opportunity-zone investments.

Our Goal in development will impact part or all of Cleveland, based on funds raised. All funds will be dedicated to the impact of sustainable growth in the market, even if entire funding is not raised.

The Impact

Each contribution will be evaluated at the same level of value. Even if a small contribution, you can make an enormous impact. An Investors Percentage contributed will reflect on total rights owned in project.

By investing in renewable energy and sustainable materials for Development. You can be Influential in lowering the carbon footprint in our communities and across the world.

Our Construction and Design team has a successful track record in rehabilitation and ground up build-outs of commercial and residential property, in the mid-west and east coast.

Turn key design, development and construction. 3D concepts and live renderings of proposed development, with fly through animations. On-site Construction management and site safety supervision under General Contractor.

Risks & Challenges

People value your transparency. Be open and stand out by providing insight into the risks and obstacles you may face on the way to achieving your goal.

Assessment of Logistics will predetermine long lead times, weather impacts, material and labor shortages to help accommodate delays in deliverables.

Offsite module building will help reduce cost per sq ft and the effects of weather impact on overall production and schedules. .

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